Moray Leisure Centre

Our Health Referral Programme

Our Health Referral Programme was one of the first in Scotland.

Patients can improve their quality of life by taking part in assisted exercise programmes, safe in the knowledge that account will be taken of their specific medical conditions and needs. 

Neurological patients, eg MS, Parkinsons or Stroke, can benefit from the use of our Moto-meds – designed to help with these conditions, even if wheelchair bound. 

For further details on how to attend these activities, please contact Referral Staff on (01343) 562742.  

The AIM (Active in Moray) link Programme

This is to run in conjunction with Dr Gray’s Physiotherapy Department. 

Patients are invited after their physiotherapy sessions to the Centre, and can then take part in an exercise programme specific to their needs, either through classes or via the gym.

Specialist class times – suitable for all abilities – Instructor on hand to assist: 

Monday10:15 – 11:00Health Referral
Tuesday09:15 – 10:00Health Referral
Tuesday10:15 – 11:00Health Referral
Wednesday10:15 – 11:00Health Referral
Wednesday11:15 – 12:00Health Referral
Thursday09:15 – 10:00Health Referral
Thursday10:15 – 11:00Health Referral
Friday11:30 – 12:15Health Referral (studio 1)

Meet Our Health Referral Staff

Helen Graham

I have worked at Moray Leisure Centre since 1994 where I started as a lifeguard for 6 years then went on my travels to New Zealand for 3 years and came back to MLC where I settled as a Gym Instructor.

I got the opportunity to work on the GP Referral as an assistant in 2008 where I have been ever since and become the GP Referral Co-ordinator in 2018. I absolutely love my job as I am here to help people with many different illnesses and injury’s to get them into exercise and to get them fit and healthy and make them feel good about themselves regardless of anything that gets in their way.